I am planning some videos on open standards, technologies and software development. If you have some topics you would like me to cover, please, send suggestions :) No promise, but I will consider them.

End-to-end encryption is needed these days for XMPP. I just wish we start thinking about the protocol and flow with server performance in mind. It is needed to be deployed at scale on large domains without being too costly.

I am currently thinking about authentication for a new service.

If you were to use a passwordless authentication mechanism, which one would you choose and why ?

I have started working on a new project: Data Portability Kit

The goal is to provide a tool to convert online services takeout archives to an open and directly usable format. Already working for Twitter. More services to come soon.

I am looking for good resources on the personal data business. What are the cost involved, value range of profile, depending on the type of data, type of user, etc. I am looking for data to go beyond guesing.

Any good book or article to recommend ?

After more than 2 months using DuckDuckGo, I think I got used to it.

Current feedback:

  • Switching to Google less and less. I got use to put more keywords in my searches
  • Sometimes using Qwant, which is also very nice

Happy with the outcome