Here is a short video I recorded to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Web, but also understand the threats to its values and share some tips about what you can do to help protect it. Enjoy !

It looks like I am really into eSport these days. I started with @HearthStone. @GamersOrigin got me interested in League of Legends. And I follow even more games with children.

Lot of fun stuff and the area is exciting and booming.

Wireguard VPN protocol is really fast. OpenVPN was so slow, I could not have it always on. Wireguard speed makes it unnoticeable on my connection. I am a happy user :)

I have started publishing my videos both on YouTube and Vimeo. I want to show the way and not force people to use YouTube and promote alternative. All new videos will be published on both and the most watched from our archive will be reposted on Vimeo:

I am planning some videos on open standards, technologies and software development. If you have some topics you would like me to cover, please, send suggestions :) No promise, but I will consider them.

End-to-end encryption is needed these days for XMPP. I just wish we start thinking about the protocol and flow with server performance in mind. It is needed to be deployed at scale on large domains without being too costly.